Unicorn Poop Unicorns Surprise Color Melts

Unicorn Poop Unicorns Surprise Color Melts

Beautifully hand-poured Unicorn Poop scented soy wax melts shaped in a unicorn that reveal secret color(s).


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Unicorn Poop

Scent Throw

Very Strong or Concentrated Scent Throw

Unicorn Poop scent is definitely not what you are thinking: a unique mix of bubble gum, cotton candy, and vanilla.

Surprise Color Melts

These aren't like any other melts you've had! These start off as white melts, but as they melt in your warmer, they reveal a secret color (or two or three)! Not only do they reveal a secret color(s), they also glimmer and sparkle in your warmer! These are definitely a treat and a twist to your traditional wax melts! Shapes, colors, scents may vary. Net Weight (approximately): 4 oz / 114 g