Oakmoss & Amber Soy Tealights

Oakmoss & Amber Soy Tealights

Six beautifully hand-poured Oakmoss & Amber soy tealights in clear plastic cups. 


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Oakmoss & Amber

Scent Throw

Strong or Concentrated Scent Throw

A lovely clean, masculine scent. Oakmoss & Amber is a lovely blend of sage, orange, grapefruit, rose, lavender, herbs, oakmoss, amber, and tonka.


These tea lights are perfect for small areas, as decor in decorative tealight holders, and/or to sample a scent without having a larger candle. They are easily transportable and versatile to fit any space or need. Wick: Cotton - All cotton wick with paper core (no lead or metal core). Net Weight (approximately): 0.6 oz each / 16 g each, pack of six tealights total 3.6 oz / 96 g Approximate Dimensions: 1.5 inches in diameter, .75 inches tall (one tealight). Approximate Burn Time: 5-7 hours if cared for properly. Plastic cups manufactured in the USA out of recyclable, flame-retardant plastic that will not melt from heat of wax or flame. Outside packaging made of plastic and can be recycled.